Bluehost vs Hostgator : Which hosting is Best for You?

Bluehost vs Hostgator

Bluehost vs Hostgator: Which Hosting is best for you ?

Ever since the launch of the World Wide Web, the internet world has gained its pace. Anything one could imagine can be found through the internet. Forget about walking to another block to get your daily newspaper or to the post office for mails. You can now get all of these rights on your computer screen. With this trending business, there are about 1.5 billion websites now. There is always a comparison between Bluehost vs Hostgator on the internet where most of them suggest Bluehost is slightly better than Hostgator.

But how are these websites launched and supported? The answer is through a website host.

What is Web Hosting?

To entertain a website a person should possess, not just a computer, but also a program that allows the website or a blog to be attainable on the internet. However, it was impossible for the emerging companies that lacked budget and experience to do so.

Thus, web hosts came into being for the aid. A Web host, also called web hosting service, is assistance that provides services for the website to be accessed through the World Wide Web. In this way, companies and individuals who do not own a server can be benefited.

Bluehost Vs HostGator Features

Although the two hosts are owned by the same company, Endurance international, the rivals are in tough competition in terms of marketing. Nonetheless, in the BlueHost vs Hostgator battle, it is quite hard to declare which one of them is better without having a close look at the services provided by each host.

  • Reliability

The reliability can be judged through the system of uptime. The uptime is the percentage measure that describes for how many times your website was accessible by the customers.

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In easy words, uptime is a measure of the time a site is available to provide its services over a particular amount of time. In a study, over a time of 10 months, HostGator was observed to have an uptime of about than 99.97 percent. On the other hand, Bluehost provided an uptime of about 99.99 percent.

  • Speed

Even though the load time of Hostgator has been improving for a few years, the Blue host has been dominating by being the fifth-fastest host.

  • Security

The internet can never be a safe place especially when you are a website owner. Your lack of security can affect you, your clients and even the website visitors. Your website requires security when it is carrying essential information like home addresses, tax ids and other personal information. For security reasons, the Secure Sockets Layer is now necessary. This is a system of the codes the network have between server and device owned by the visitor.

  • SiteLock: This security system guards your website round the clock. It can scan and detect early threats. If a threat is detected, an email is sent out to the site owner. Websites certified by this system can display the security badge on their web page.
  • CodeGuard: The software is used for baking up the site data. This is an automatic function occurring regularly. Thus, your data can be restored after a change or a malware.

Pricing plans

Both of these hosts offer considerable pricing plans to their customers.

– Bluehost planning :

1) Basic Plan: The most affordable plane offers a single site with 50GB storage and a free Secure Sockets Layer certificate with 2.5 dollars per month.
2) Plus plan: With 5.45 dollars per month the plan offers you as many websites, unlimited storage, free SSL certificate.
3) Choice Plan: It costs almost the same as plus plan and offers the same with an addition of security systems.

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-Hostgator Planning :

1) Hatchling: The basic plan offers one website, free site migration and a free SSL certificate starting with 2.75 dollars per month.
2) Baby: Starting with 3.95 dollars per month you can get unlimited sites, space and a free SSL certificate.
3) Business Plan: Unlimited domains, bandwidth, free private SSL certificate and dedicated IP address and even a free VoIP phone service all starting with 5.95 dollars per month.

Customer Service Experience

Customer service experience is a reflection of the services associated with the insight that a company provides its clients. Both these hosts provide excellent experience in their own way when it comes to the satisfaction of their customers.

Hosting Plans

Both of the servers benefit their clients by providing multiple plans in website hosting.

  • Cloud Hosting: With cloud hosting the user can store his data on multiple servers rather than a single one. This type of hosting is gradually gaining popularity and is offered by both, HostGator and Bluehost.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Widely used by clients for large businesses, dedicated hosting gives enough space for huge data storage. Another dedicated host gives services like data applications, security, and other software.
  • WordPress Hosting: This type of hosting has gained popularity because of its utter benefits that render the clients free of technical management of the website. Your regular data backing, security, the uptime of your site, speed, etc can all be managed by the host. Bluehost for WordPress has been recommended since 2005.

Other Services

Bluehost and HostGator provide enough services to give each other a head to head competition even though they are not free of cost. But an additional feature of Bluehost includes the web designing serve. With a considerable charge, the server designs your very own website. Also, it has an excellent marketing strategy that helps your website catch an eye.

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Both the hosts also offer the cPanel. The simple feature allows users one-click installations. The control panel can be used with WordPress and other similar systems. Also, the two competitors offer free domains. Hostgator offers it occasionally while Bluehost offers it throughout the year. The free domain is limited to particular features and requires the renewal to be paid.


Now that you are aware of the basic features of the two-website service hosts the one which you want to opt for is a matter of personal choice. Under the light of this article, the Bluehost vs Hostgator comparison looks quite unnecessary since the two hosts stand at their own places in terms of their services.

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