How Do Bloggers Make Money Online in 2023

How frequents it is these days to run into someone who owns a blog? Blogging has somewhat become business as many people are stepping up day by day. But the question is do bloggers make any money? And if yes, then how do bloggers make money online? Well, it is all a matter of certain steps that allow bloggers to make enough money from the blog and make a passive income from it.

How Do Bloggers Make Money

What is Blogging?

The beginning of the trend dates back to about two decades when the word blog was just limited to a personal diary. Writers on the internet used the opportunity to talk about their daily routines, thoughts, and way of life. As the field of blogging grew, writers came forward with different ideas to share on various subjects.  Nowadays, blogging is being used for personal opinions, traveling, food reviews, information about brands and even for business projects.

If you don’t know where to start, read to the following post as a basic startup for blogging and how to start wordpress blog.

Blogging in WordPress need Web hosting

So now that you have the content you want to write and a fair internet connection, how are you going to launch the website of your blog if you do not own a server? Well, for this problem a web hosting service is there for your rescue.

A web host is a program that allows your site to be accessible on the World Wide Web. Many hosts are popular in the market but if you’re a newbie, Bluehost might be the right choice for you. It is unbeatable in terms of features, reliability, customer care, security, uptime, payment planning, and other services. It even designs your website with an additional fee.

How early should I begin to monetize my blog ?

Not everyone wants to make money from their blog. Some choose to do it for fun and that’s fine. However, for most bloggers out there who want something as a return for their hard work, they will create the  great content while at the same time doing all kinds of marketing that will help them to get the best result.

Your time isn’t free, right? For those who want to build a business from their blog, this post is for you. If you are not interested in monetizing your blog, then this post is NOT for you.

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When should you start to monetize your blog and how early should you begin to monetize your blog ?

  • If you use Adsense, and have already been approved for the program, then you can start placing ads on your blog from day 1. If you are not approved, wait until you have at least 100 visitors daily.
  • If you promote affiliate products, then start monetizing immediately.
  • If you use Mediavine, and had at least 25K sessions in the last 30 days (usually around 30,000 pageviews) and  have already been approved for the program, then you can start placing ads on your blog immediately.
  •  If you sell your own product or service you can start right away or wait until you have at least 100 to 500 email clients.

However, having the first two things to do below will help you a lot:

  • First, Focus to increase blog visitor.
  • Second, start grow your email subscriber list from day 1 of blogging.

There are no concrete numbers out there for how much traffic or how many email lists you need to make money from your blog because it all depends on what you sell and how you sell it.

We will show you some of the powerful strategies that other bloggers have used to generate revenue from their own blogs in various niches and teach you how to do the same with your own blog.

How Do Bloggers Make Money Online ?

You must have read about some person who has earned a lot through a blog or a blogger who runs a traveling site getting hosted by some airlines to travel for free. So how do bloggers make money when their business runs on the internet?

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by recommending or promoting someone else’s product (or brand). You can choose the products you like and benefit your blog visitors, promote them, drive sales and generate significant profits. This occurs through a tracking link and each time a person buys through that link; you get a commission. Many online services and products have programs for affiliate marketing that one can opt for.

Affiliate marketing is the most ideal approach and model that enables both brands and affiliate marketers to track and measure their performance, scale in a very cost-effective way. It is considered the ideal approach to automating how you make money online, while you sleep (passive income), which is based on revenue sharing and is extremely beneficial for both brands and affiliate marketers.

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Google Adsense:

Adsense is one of the most used ways of earning through a website or blog. Google sponsored ads are shown on your website and the website owner is paid for each view or click on the ad.

If you are running google adsense advertisement at your blog, each time a viewer clicks on the ad, you will get paid per Cost Per Click (CPC). CPC is set by the advertiser of the ads, meaning the amount of money you earn whenever an ad is clicked on your blog.

CPC very useful if you understand how it fits into your overall marketing strategy. Always focusing on high CPCs will bring great results in adsense earning.

Meanwhile CPM is the abbreviation for Cost Per Thousand Impressions (or Mille), meaning the amount of money you earn per 1000 views. CPM is important fo advertiser because it is used to compare the cost-effectiveness of different media vehicles. Vehicles with the lowest CPM are generally the most efficient as they require less money to reach 1,000 viewers.

Ads Selling:

Google Adsense can be a long process in terms of making money. With low CPC, the money you make can be comparatively little. You can earn more by directly selling the ads where you decide and on a firm rate. However, this requires much more effort and your website must have a considerate number of users per month.

Ads can be described as a message or notice to promote the product to your potential customers. Generally, ads are said to increase brand awareness.

Selling the ad space is the DIY version of your advertising on your blog without using ads networks like Adsense and Mediavine.

If your blog has a good amount of traffic or you have a dedicated blog in your community, you can be approached by a business, product or brand that wants to pay for advertising space on your website.


If you are not interested in advertisements and looking forward to a different approach, then sponsorship is a also good option. Sponsorship paid for by the delivery of advertising messages.

A number of companies can pay you to promote their products through your blog. All you have to do is represent it and talk about it to your readers.

Paid Reviews:

Depending on the content of the blog, many companies hire people to write paid reviews to attract potential customers. They even let the blogger to try out their product for free.

Now you know how to get free products too. Sounds fair enough?

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Selling Websites:

This definitely is an excellent way for you to use your skills. If you are good at web designing, then start building a WordPress blog and sell it online on different freelance websites. Many people pay a handsome amount to buy well-developed websites for their businesses.

Public Speaking:

Many bloggers earn by speaking at public conferences. All this requires is a firm idea and guts to dominate a crowd. So, if you are good at networking, this might be your field.

You can get enough recognition to start a public speaking job and even a brand of your own.

Membership content:

If your blog is good enough to earn from your daily readers, then it is time for you to create a membership site where you can share more details of your content. Your readers will be willing to pay for your content. Such a site can be created easily with WordPress.

Private Forums:

It is another way that attracts more audience. You can create a forum accessible to only the users who pay. In this way, people can get bits of advice, give opinions and even interact with each other. A lot of people are even willing to pay others to run their forums since the management is a tiring job.


If you run a literature blog or are good with words, you can produce an e-book and sell it to the website users. It is quite an easy job where all you have to do is collect your work and built a cover. Your selling can be covered through WordPress.

Online Course:

Using your expertise to deliver an online course is a rather easy job. You can attract a number of people who prefer online courses that allow location independence. Once you have decided what you want to offer, an outline created and material required for course management, you can use an LMS, Learning Management System, plugin to launch your course online.

Freelance Services:

It is an easy way and attracts more audience because of the flexibility of the job. If your blog has a good following you can get a fair audience in no time.

Online Consultant:

Do you specialize in any health, engineering or legal service? If so, you can find many blogs that offer to consult. Your expertise can be beneficial in offering services to the audience. Plus, there are a number of subjects that require guidance.


With this emerging trend, a number of people are being benefited and earning money. Now, through this article you might have a good idea of how bloggers make money and how much do they earn. If you are among one of the beginners or thinking about starting a blog start with clear ideas.

Know the details of what you want to pursue, have a clear plan, choose a good web hosting service and keep your clients entertained. With these subjects covered, you can pretty much excel at the art of blogging.

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