What Does Dropshipping Mean

What Does Dropshipping Mean

What Does Dropshipping Mean

What is dropshipping or what does dropshipping mean ? Majority of people don’t get the actual meaning of droshipping and relate it to affiliate marketing. Dropshipping business let people sell actual products without owning a storefront or have to buy physical products in bulk to sell it to people but it still offers you the wholesale rate for all goods you sell.  A drop shipper can sell a variety of products from a pen to large TVs. This can be a shopify store or a woocommerce alidropship store, your own dropship website, or a seller account on etsy or ebay.

A drop shipper buys the item from the third-party supplier and gets it directly dropship to the customer as soon as that product is bought from his/her store. From the past few years, drop shipping business has been a vast source for marketers to make money online while keeping things fun.     

The biggest difference between a traditional retail store and dropshipping is that the retailer doesn’t stock all goods he has to sell; rather he buys the product one-by-one from a third-party seller at the wholesale rate.

How does Dropshipping work?

For consumers, dropshipping is same like buying something from an online retail store. For instance, someone visited a dropshipping niche site like ABCdropshipping.com bought one iron which is simply shipped afterward. The customer is happy.  

In reality, as we described above, when the customer placed the order at ABCdropshipping.com, the drop shipper simply placed a duplicate order at the wholesale dealer and got the item shipped to his customer. The dropshipper simply do not see or handle the product himself.   

Benefits of Dropshipping

To get a clear idea of dropshipping business, follow this post and get to know some real benefits of this efficient business.

a) Less Investment

One of the main advantages of dropshipping over e-commerce business is that it doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars in inventory and other things. Also, traditional retailers also have to invest a huge capital in buying inventory and other goods in bulk in order to start the business.  

b) Easy Set up

Running a dropshipping business is much easier than owning an e-commerce store. With dropshipping business, you won’t have to

  • Setting up and paying for a warehouse
  • Shipping orders yourself
  • Handling inbound and return shipments
  • Managing stock level and shipping
  • Tracking inventory

c) Flexible Location

You can run a dropshopping business in your compact study from your laptop. It can be started from anywhere with just a working computer and internet connection. You are free to add as many sources as possible to expand your business and communicate with the supplier and customers easily.  

d) Unlimited Products

You can easily select as many products as possible without buying them, as dropshipping doesn’t require pre-purchasing of products. For instance, if you’re selling Playstation II and want to sell Xbox too, you’re free to add it to your store free of cost.      

Overall Thoughts

Overall, there are a number of people earning thousands of dollars through dropshipping business daily. Still, there are some drawbacks of this business such as supplier errors and low margins. However, if employed successfully, one can run a successful earning source effectively. In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to comment down below.

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